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Appraisal Protest Already Underway

Lubbock homeowners who received their appraisal notices in the mail have a chance to object their increase and some are already doing so.

For the past four years residential home values in Lubbock County have increased. Despite the fact that notices were sent out just Tuesday, we found homeowners already protesting the increases.

"We simply can not afford it," explain Patricia and Allan White. They are among the thousands of homeowners whose property value has increased. They haven't even received their notice in the mail but didn't waste any time protesting the increase. "I just heard it on the news and ran up here to protest, don't want it," says Patricia.

"Our role here is to appraise the property at market value," explains Dave Kimbrough, Chief Appraiser for the Central Appraisal District. He says homeowners unhappy with their appraisals have the right to object. "Certainly with 130,000 properties we're going to make mistakes and there will be properties out there that aren't typical for that area and we certainly need to hear about those," says Kimbrough.

A protest form can be found on the bottom half of your appraisal. It must be turned in 30 days after the notice was sent. But be prepared to provide evidence like photos of damage that could decrease the value of your home. "It could require an adjustment down from our value if there's something wrong with the property that's not typical for that area," he says.

Last year more than 9,000 Lubbock County homeowners protested their appraisals and more than half were changed. It's evidence that there is hope for those like Patricia and Allan who say they won't give up easily. "We might have a chance," adds Patricia.

Again, if you decide to protest you have 30 days after the notice was sent to do so. Hearings before the review board for those protests begin in June. Then, home values are certified in July so you will receive your tax bill starting in August.

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