Consider This: Keeping perspective as Lubbock heads toward Election Day

This Presidential election is unique in many ways and, like the candidates, the negatives on this one are pretty high. But let's not exaggerate the problem.

It's not 1800, an election so bitter that founding fathers questioned whether the young nation would survive its second decade.

It's not even the worst election in memory.

It's not 1968, when when cities burned, leaders were gunned down in their hotels and every week 2,500 Americans died in Vietnam.

What we're confronted with now is the result of voters raised on reality TV and social media: we're seeing the political process up close and it just isn't that attractive.

Consider matter what happens on Election Day, Wednesday, we will still live in the greatest, most generous nation that has ever existed on earth.

And no matter who is elected President, the next morning I'm still going to get up, go to work and take care of my business in Lubbock, Texas, where the American dream is alive and well and we can all be thankful for our freedom.

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