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Food for Thought: 11/3

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A popular family buffet is back open after it was forced to shut its doors for 24 hours. Lubbock health inspectors closed Furr's Family Dinning after they found two dozen violations - including roaches, fruit flies and a colony of gnats.

Furr's Family Dining at 2817 S. Loop 289 had 24 violations. 

  • Live and dead adult roaches were in the kitchen area. There was also a gnat colony and multiple fruit flies. 
  • Diced tomatoes and pico de gallo were not cold enough. Batter labeled "keep refrigerated" was left out for more than four hours. 
  • Cornbread dressing was not hot enough. 
  • Cans of food did not have labels. 
  • Cans were dented. This can cause botulism. 
  • Clean bowls were stored inside dirty containers and touching the tongs on the service line. A knife was touching a bare surface. 
  • Utensils and single service items were stored under a sink with a plumbing leak. 
  • Clean utensils and pans were drying on a dirty storage rack. The sanitizer was not strong enough.
  • Another sanitizer was at toxic levels. A container of soap was on top of the microwave. 
  • An employee making pies left the kitchen and returned to food prep without washing their hands. 
  • Raw chicken was thawing in non-moving water. 
  • An open container of sour cream did not have a date mark. 
  • The thermometer in a reach-in cooler was broken. 
  • Multiple food storage containers were dirty or broken. 
  • Employees' drinks on the buffet line did not have lids. Employees on the line were not wearing hairnets.
  • Wiping clothes were sitting on prep tables and hanging on the wall. 
  • In-use scoops for different foods were all stored together. Utensils used to take food out of the oven were stored on the floor behind the oven. 
  • A can opener was dirty. 
  • Vent hoods were dirty. 
  • The walls and floors were heavily soiled. 
  • There were no employee hand wash sings in the women's restroom. 
  • An exposed pipe in a broken wall was discharging grease and liquid waste onto the floor. 
  • There was no service at the mop sink. 
  • The certified food manager certificate was not posted for public view. But, the inspector notes due to the nature and the number of violations food safety knowledge was not demonstrated.

Furr's was re-inspected and was allowed to reopen after to complying with conditions given by the health department.

We do have some good news on the list this week.

Out of dozens of restaurants inspected we have one top performer:

The Ruffled Cup Cupcakey & Sweet Shop at 5109 82nd

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