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Windy Man Will Return to Lubbock

It's now official, "Windy Man" will return. NewsChannel 11 first told you in April about the sculpture's possible return. Last August, TXDOT installed windy man along Loop 289 for a beautification project. Shortly after a number of religious groups called it a pagan symbol, someone knocked its entire face off with a sledge hammer. TXDOT then took the sculpture down.

Vandals Strike Windy Man
The Windy-Man may have to come down from a Lubbock highway retaining wall after all.

Wednesday, May 18th, TXDOT officials announced Windy Man's future home will be where the Marsha Sharp Freeway will intersect with Avenue L. After the overpass is finished, it will be part of an entire artistic theme mural which will decorate the retaining wall of the overpass. That mural is one of six you'll be able to see throughout Lubbock.

Lubbock citizen, Dena Henderson wasn't fond of Windy Man the first time around. "He was scary," said Henderson. "He was nice, but kind of scary looking when you looked at him."

Nonetheless, Windy Man is back as part of a mural which "celebrates the arts". Eventually, a total of six murals will adorn the various retaining walls on the Marsha Sharp Freeway.

The ranching heritage mural will be the first one to be installed at Loop 289 and Marsha Sharp. Second will be agricultural heritage, then a mural containing yucca, which stands for community, followed by a mural with a mulberry tree, also representing ranching. Finally, a mural with a guitar, which stands for music.

All are designed to make your short time at the stoplight more colorful, which Henderson likes, even if it does mean the return of Windy Man. "I think it's a beautiful idea," said Henderson, "because when you're sitting at the light you're looking at a blank wall and you're thinking, why don't they do something besides paint it."

The murals won't be installed until the entire Marsha Sharp Freeway project is complete. The murals are included in the cost already estimated for the freeway.

Windy Man Controversy Comes To An End
Bricks and mortar are going up where the so-called Windy Man once called home in Lubbock.

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