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The Salon Bronze: Does It Work?

Get that sun kissed look without the sun with the Salon Bronze. It has a price tag of $20, you get three cans of spray and a spray gun that surprisingly doesn't take any batteries. Let's see if it works, shall we?

Heidi Payne is a model from Robert Spence. Heidi is very fair skinned and does not like to sun tan outside and she says she doesn't use home tanning creams either. "I was always afraid to use them because of the fear of turning orange," she told us.

The Salon Bronze is supposed to give you an even natural-looking tan. First we needed Heidi to moisturize. While she did that, I slipped the cartridges in the gun, and gave it a few practice squirts to get it ready. The directions said to hold it about one foot away from the body while you're spraying the body. It also said to soak up any splatter that may come out of the can with the sponge it provides you.

But for the most part, it was spraying a light mist onto her skin. We sprayed her entire body, her arms, her back, her legs, her stomach. We used the sponge on her feet to make sure we blended the color well.

We waited 24 hours to visit Heidi again and this is what her tan looked like. It was tan, even, not orange in tint, and no streaks. "I like it, I feel like I look tan and even. There are a few places I would do better next time," she said.

So Does It Work? Heidi says she would buy it.

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