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Property Appraisal Protesting Begins

Homeowners across Lubbock are opening up the bad news tonight-- your property taxes are going up and it may be more than you expected. The average home in Lubbock was valued at almost $88,000. This year, that price went up to almost $92,000. That's an average increase of 4.4% this year.

And the increase may be even more if you live outside of Lubbock city limits. Homeowners in Slaton for example are estimated to pay nearly 11% more in city property taxes. Wolfforth is a 9% increase. Those living in Shallowater can expect a 2% increase and a slight increase under 1% for those living in Ransom Canyon.

There is good news on average for tax paying home owners elsewhere. New Deal city property values are nearly 4% less this year and Idalou will see a 2.5% decrease.

Even though we're told the average increase is 4%, NewsChannel 11 found homeowners who are seeing their property taxes go up even more. Some folks we talked to say they were shocked to see the increase in their home values this week, some had even doubled. And now they're marching straight to the Appraisal District to protest.

People are slowly filing into the Lubbock Central Appraisal District to protest their appraisals. "I come because I buy a house just last year for $30,000 and they appraised it this year for $62,000. And I think that's way too much. And my house they raised it up $7,000 so I don't think it's good," said Hortencia Castillo, a home and property owner.

"I hit 65 and my taxes were supposed to be less, this year they are $17,000 more. I don't think that is going to work. I'd like to know what idiot did this." Do you think maybe they made a mistake? This is the second year in a row they've done this," says Tommy Hampton of Slaton.

Hampton, a home owner says his taxes were reduced last year after protesting. And he's hoping for the same this year.

And for some who have already protested the good news is already starting. "It went reasonably well because they reinstated my old age exemption that was taken off for 2005. I came down here not quite mad but close to it and I'm leaving with about the same disposition," Rodney Burdick, a home owner said.

"I have an apartment building that I built in 1974 that they raised this year the value $100k over last year. The area is running down not going up. So that's why I came in, they made a good settlement with me," said Bertell Jackson, a home owner.

If you have questions about your taxes you can go to the Central Appraisal District, located at 1715 26th street or call the office at 762-5000, extension 502.

Protests must be mailed to the Appraisal review board at:

Lubbock Appraisal Review Board
PO box 10542
Lubbock, Texas 79408

You have until June 16th to file your protest. E-mails and faxes will not be accepted. Protest hearings will begin June 8th.

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