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President's Prescription: Hip fractures

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Most people take for granted something as simple as walking down stairs, but, for some seniors that can be a real threat.

Hip fractures are a leading cause of hospitalization for people above the age of 65 and it accounts for more than 300,000 hospitalizations a year. So, it's important to remember that by paying attention to your surroundings, and implementing some simple exercise programs, you can significantly reduce your risk of a fall. 

A hip fracture is typically a fracture to the top of the femur where it angles into the hip socket. The leg may turn outward and even shorten. In most cases, surgery is necessary. Recovery can be a long process for those that have suffered a hip injury, and in most cases, it is detrimental for the rest of the patient's life.

The chances of a hip fracture go up as we age. Ninety-five percent fo hip fractures occur by falling, and while everyone afove the age of 65 has an increase for falling, 75 percent of all hip fracures occur in women. 

Maintaining balance is essential to avoid falls. Exercises like Tai Chi can help peopel regain and maintain muscle strength while teaching the body to balance. Lack of muscle strength is the only thing blame, however. Many falls are caused by unsafe conditions in the household. Getting rid of long cords and cables and adding railing to both sides of the staircase are good ways to make the home safer. Proper lighting and easier access to the washroom facilities is also important.

Also, patients suffering from osteoporosis and diabetes are at high risk for this type of fracture, so its very important to take a vitamin D supplement with your calcium for better calcium absorption. 

Anything that can be done to avoid falls should be addressed. Check your eyesight, make sure your balance is good, make sure your pathway is clear and make sure that you can get in touch with somebody when you need help. 

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