Consider This: NELCDC - No way to run a business

Last night KCBD's Investigates Team told the story of the North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation through the eyes of the Lubbock City Council.

It's not a pretty story and it's one we've been telling you about for almost three years.

It's a story of corruption, conflicts of interest, back-door deals with city employees and sloppy bookkeeping.

On July 28, NELCDC presented its budget for approval to the Lubbock City Council...almost ten months after the budget year started.

Mayor Dan Pope, a successful businessman, expressed his skepticism of the entire process.

And still, the council blindly followed the path of previous councils, voting 6-1 to fund the organization more than $360,000, with only Karen Gibson voting "no."

And while the organization admits to being almost totally funded by city dollars, it still hides significant parts of its business and its executive director refuses to interview or return calls.

Consider's high time the city of Lubbock stopped turning a blind eye to the waste and questionable business practices of NELCDC.

This is no way to run a business and it's no way to run our city.


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