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Former Lubbock Councilman Vies for Open School Board Position

Former Lubbock city councilman Victor Hernandez wants to be your Lubbock school board representative. In fact, he has applied for the job. This comes one week after school board member Dr. Erik Medina resigned his position. After being out of the public service for one year, Victor Hernandez says he's found a renewed spirit with a lot of ideas.

First, he says he wants to bring more sports into the junior high schools. Secondly, he wants to work on playgrounds at every campus.

Victor has four children attending LISD from kindergarten to ninth grade and feels he has a vested interest in the public school system for the next 12 years.

Hernandez served as city councilman for 11 years. You may remember he stepped down to run for municipal judge last year, were he lost that election.

"You're known as the guy who "stonewalled" a lot of people on the council out of concern to citizens. Is this going to hurt you or support you?" asked NewsChannel 11. "It's going to depend on people's perspective of me and the job I did on the council. I think a lot of people see me as an advocate for the citizens. I would hope if I were appointed I would be seen as an advocate for parents and students," says Hernandez.

LISD Spokeswoman Nancy Sharp says the school board will appoint someone to fill the vacancy. She says no date has been set for that.

The legislature will call a special election that could happen next May or June.

So far, Hernandez is the only one who has applied.

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