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Food for Thought: 11/17

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It's a split order in this week's Food for Thought with one top performer and one low performer.

McDonald's at 5201 4th had 14 violations.

  • Bags of french fries had grease spilled on top of them.
  • There was mold growing inside the ice machine chute. The soda nozzles were dirty.
  • An employee put a pair of gloves over another pair of gloves and handled raw beef, then took off the top pair of gloves and handled a broom and dust pan, then put on another pair of gloves and handled frozen chicken. At no time did the employee remove the bottom pair of gloves or wash their hands.
  • The hand sink was blocked.
  • Cleaner was stored over sugar and ready-to-eat condiments.
  • A pipe from the dishwasher to the floor drain did not have a backflow prevention device. This prevents the water supply from becoming contaminated.
  • The ice machine was leaking.
  • Breakfast burritos were not correctly date-marked. Eggs did not have a date mark.
  • Wiping towels were not stored in the sanitizer bucket.
  • Boxes of cups of soda syrup were not at least six inches off the floor.
  • Ice scoops were left on top of the ice machine.
  • The drink stations were dirty.
  • Personal items were stored over food. The floors, floor drains and the ceiling were dirty.

The inspector notes, due to the number and the nature of the violations - management did not show proper food safety knowledge. Most of the violations were corrected during the inspection.

Our only top performer this week is inside the Revolution Farmers Market at the South Plains Mall:

  • Pereira Pastures Creamery

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