Customize your alert settings on the KCBD News App!

Thank you for downloading the KCBD news app. We want to provide news and information that is pertinent to you.

You can customize your experience easily. Tell us whether you want alerts on news, sports, weather and more.

Watch the video above for a walkthrough of how to adjust your settings in the app. You can tell us the types of alerts you want to receive.

You can also adjust the "quiet time" setting so that we won't bother you when you want some peace and quiet.

It's easy to change the settings anytime you want by navigating to the menu button and then tapping the "Settings" gear.

Again, thank you for getting the KCBD news app. We're happy you're with us! And if you're looking for more great apps from KCBD just log on to your app store and search KCBD.

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