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One in custody, police still searching for suspect in armed robbery at Smokehead Shop

(Source: Smokehead Shop) (Source: Smokehead Shop)
Benjamin Miller, 18 (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center) Benjamin Miller, 18 (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center)
(Source: Smokehead Shop) (Source: Smokehead Shop)
(Source: Smokehead Shop) (Source: Smokehead Shop)

UPDATE: One suspect is in custody, but police are still searching for the suspect wearing black in this video.

The robbery took place Monday night, Nov. 21, just before 9:30 p.m.

Police say two suspects entered the Smokehead Shop at 5302 Slide and browsed the store's goods for around 15 minutes. One of the suspects then approached the employee and raised his shirt to reveal a concealed firearm, demanding money from the cash register. On a phone call to 911, the employee stated that both suspects were armed.

The employee gave the suspect an undisclosed amount of money from the register when the second suspect demanded the store's security tape. The employee states he led the suspect to the back of the store where the suspect unsuccessfully attempted to remove the security system. The employee was then taken back to the front of the store where one of the suspects bound him with a bike chain. The two suspects fled westbound on foot, at which time the employee was able to call 911. Police arrived and untied the employee, but the suspects have not been located as of yet.

Police are searching for one remaining black male suspect. One suspect, thought to be anywhere from 23-28 years old, was described as wearing a teal shirt and grey pants, is now in custody, identified as 18-year-old Benjamin Miller. The other suspect, thought to be roughly 50 years old, wearing all black with a light goatee is still at large.

Anyone with information about the robbery or the suspects is urged to call the Lubbock Police Department Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

Employees of Boost Mobile, just three doors down from the Smokehead Shop say Monday night's robbery reminds them of an incident they were hoping to forget.

For Jon Huffington, a sales associate at Boost Mobile, the news of the  robbery sounds all too familiar. 

"In the past, one of my co-workers had actually gotten assaulted here at this location and the guy came in with the knife and tied her up and the whole nine yards," says Huffington.

It was a moment of terror that left a lasting impression.

"She's no longer here anymore. She went and found a vocation elsewhere," says Huffington.

For Boost Customer Service Representative, Samantha Ramirez, she says this incident has left her wary.

 "I don't know what I'd do. I say what I would want to do in the situation, but I wouldn't really know, you know? It makes me scared, I have a little girl and I wouldn't want anything to happen,"says Ramirez.

In fact, Ramirez says she's now thinking even more about security while she's behind the walls of her work.

"I carry my gun, I have my license to carry it, but I don't every bring it into work. So, I don't know, it makes me kind of want to start bringing it in to work now," says Ramirez.

Meanwhile, Huffington says he's learned a valuable lesson.

"Be safe, be wary, be on the lookout....and always be ready to defend yourself," says Huffington.

 Both say they have messages for the robbers.

 "I just want to know why," says Huffington.

"Karma. Karma will come back and get them....just like the people that robbed us, hopefully they'll get, they got caught, so they'll get caught, too," says Ramirez.

But, even more than that, they hope last night's victim can heal from the terrifying ordeal.

"I hope he's ok, you know...emotionally, and physically everything and I hope he gets better and can come back to work soon," says Ramirez. 

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