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Servicemen & Women Grateful For Support

"For me, this time of year is a special time for me because of my enjoyment of what I did," explains Elton Mills. A veteran of the United States Air Force, he glows with pride remembering his time in the military, three years that changed his life.

"I went into the Air Force as a kid and I came out as a man," he says. These days, Elton spends time with his fellow disabled veterans. "I've got injuries to my hearing that I got while in the service," he points out. He says it's a price paid for our freedom, one that is just as significant today. "I'm even more proud of the ones that are doing it today because they carry on what we left off," he says.

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Lance Corporal Shandi Garibay is one of those soldiers. In just a few weeks, she'll be deployed to Iraq. "I've always wanted to be a Marine. It's been a big dream for me ever since I was nine," says Shandi. It's a passion that leads her to Iraq...voluntarily. "I think there's a lot of families here, moms and fathers who if I don't go they'll have to go and leave their kids behind. I don't have kids. I'm not married so I don't have any attachments here so I think I should just go," she says.

Shandi will spend her 21st birthday in Iraq but it's a sacrifice she's willing to make for our freedom, one that Elton says he too has lived. "These men and women today are doing that job for us and we can never forget that and always support them, never forget it," says Elton.

Both Elton and Shandi thank the community for their continued support of our troops.

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