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Intruder stabbed to death after breaking into home, biting off part of victim's ear

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Jimmy Nguyen and his girlfriend, Kristina Ho (source: Kristina Ho) Jimmy Nguyen and his girlfriend, Kristina Ho (source: Kristina Ho)
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One man is dead and another hospitalized after a Thursday morning stabbing in a Lubbock residence.

According to the police report, Lubbock police received a call regarding a home burglary in the 2500 block of 41st Street at around 2:30 a.m. Thursday. When they arrived, police found a 64-year-old victim with serious injuries drenched in blood. Another man, identified as Jimmy Nguyen, lay dead.

The injured victim, identified as James Wiedeman, told police he heard a noise and saw Nguyen sprint from a room in his apartment. Nguyen then rushed Wiedeman, attacking and stabbing him. A neighbor of the victim said Nguyen broke in through a window.

Wiedeman told police he was able to fight his attacker and stab him, then fled to a neighbor's home and had the neighbor call police.

The neighbor told reporters that Nguyen bit off part of Wiedeman's ear in the struggle.

Wiedeman was brought to Covenant Health with serious injuries, but is in good condition according to a Covenant official.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Sam Rodriguez says he's lived in the neighborhood for more than ten years and became close friends with his neighbor James Wiedeman.

"He got up to see what the commotion was about. The suspect was already in the house and proceeded to attack my friend James and stabbed him twice in the stomach and some facial lacerations. And bit half his ear off," Rodriguez said.

Sam says he was relieved to find out James was still alive.

"He's going to be in our prayers and thoughts," Rodriguez said. "It's ironic because we usually take him a plate of what we make for the holidays, because you know he’s back there by himself."

Rodriguez says while this has been a strange holiday for his family, it has reminded him of the meaning of Thanksgiving.

“I’m thankful that we're still together as a family unit," Rodriguez said. "And giving thanks that my friend is going to be okay. I'm hoping for that.”

We spoke with Jimmy Nguyen's girlfriend over the phone.

She tells us he served as a Marine and has been struggling with PTSD.

She tells us he had a breakdown Wednesday night and disappeared just hours before this happened.

She tells us from what she knows, the two did not know each other.

We'll continue to follow the latest on this investigation.

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