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Karate Teaches Kids Self Defense

Karate is a lesson in self-defense for the Little Scorpions Karate Class at Reaction Fitness. Head Instructor Charles Rushing says, "I try to focus on realistic self defense tactics. One of my kids was actually assaulted by a kidnapper and the techniques worked." Rushing uses karate as a way to enforce safety, teamwork and discipline.

When mistakes are made, discipline like time-out, push-ups or sit-ups are enforced. Drills consist of punching, kicking and being loud. Rushing says, "More than anything I try to show the kids the word fire will get a response a lot quicker than hiya, or hiki or other stuff."

Next, the kids learn how to escape when being attacked. Rushing says, "If you stand up the attacker is stronger than you and can probably pull you in the car. If you fall, he has to reach down for you, and that puts him in a bad position." He adds, "We try to cover all areas of a kidnapping where the kid is coming out. We also do escapes from behind. We do a two hand wrist grab, and a one hand wrist grab."

As their skills advance, the kids are rewarded by advancing a belt color. Safety Solutions to make sure your kids react quickly in a dangerous situation. Rushing says, "One of the key things about self defense is no hesitation. All the techniques aren't going to save you, if you don't react exactly at the time you're supposed to."

The karate class is free for children with a parent's membership to Reaction Fitness. For more information on this class, call Reaction Fitness at (806) 797-7867 or stop by the gym at 4124 19th or go to their website by ( clicking here ). For more self-defense tips for kids, ( click here ).

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