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Border Patrol Agents Intercepts Illegal Aliens in Lubbock

Eight-hundred thousand legal immigrants cross into the U.S. from Mexico every day. They cross borders through 43 ports of entry, stretching from Texas all the way to California.

Border Patrol says illegal aliens travel west to east through the Texas Panhandle in an effort to avoid immigration, bringing the job of securing the borders straight to Lubbock.

Nearly everyday, agents handle illegal aliens in West Texas. "We deal with the criminal aspect of it," said Agent in Charge, Chris Richards.

In one year 1,600 illegals were arrested and placed in jails in the Lubbock and Amarillo areas. Here is the proof. Last Thursday, agents pulled six illegal aliens from the Lubbock County Jail. Each of them committed crimes, like assault and domestic violence, while in this area illegally. "I was driving and drinking," said one of the illegal aliens we talked to.

Border Patrol must process illegal aliens into a federal computer system that is linked to other agencies across the country. In this case, the illegal had been caught before in El Paso. Agents say they always find ways to come back. "I just walked by myself. We crossed the river and bought a car and went from there," said the Mexican national.

After questioning another Mexican native, agents found, he walked across the border in New Mexico and was smuggled to Amarillo. "We were picked up in a car. We paid $1,000 to be brought to Amarillo," he told the Border Patrol agents.

More frequently than you think, agents catch illegals at the downtown Lubbock Bus Station. This bus Richards inspected, is from Amarillo. "Where were you born?" asked Richards of one young man. "I was born in Mexico, but I don't' have an ID," he answered. "Go stand over there," pointed Richards.

In just one day, agents removed six illegal aliens from the Lubbock County Jail and arrested two at the bus station. From there, agents bus them 400 miles south to Presidio, Texas where they are released at the border. "They'll probably be back in their home country tonight," said Richards.

Surprisingly though, Richards says they don't focus on the farms and ranches where employers hire illegal aliens to do low wage work. He says that is the job of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Investigators. But even then, if an illegal is working in Texas, Richards says more than likely, they won't be bothered.

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