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Sun Exposure Helps Prevent Some Cancers

Have you heard this headline today? New research indicates a little sun is good for you, and might actually help prevent skin cancer.

Well, the theory comes from Harvard that 15 minutes of sun exposure a few times a week may actually prevent some cancers, because UV rays from the sun help our bodies build Vitamin "D" which has been known to offer some cancer prevention. Sounds good, but before you take your hat off outside, you should know that other doctors are not buying into this one.

"The bottom line is that some sun, it's a lifter, it's good for you, its beneficial in that way. But in terms of actually stopping cancers, we really have to see," says Dr. Jeanine Downie a dermatologist.

So for now, there are no changes in the recommended sun exposure guidelines. The American Cancer Society still recommends that everyone seek shade between 10am - 4pm, wear protective clothing, and wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or better.

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