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President's Prescription: Safety with space heaters

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Whether we have snow or not, is this cold winter weather leaving you with cold feet?

You may use a portable space heater for extra warmth in the home or at the office. But as nice as that feel, those are notorious for safety hazards. 

Nobody likes to feel cold. When you're cold for an extended period of time it can make you feel run down. But, before you go out and buy a space heater for either your office or your home to kill the chill, here are some tips you should take into consideration to make sure the safe heater you buy is safe.

Buy new. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that more than 25,000 residential fires are caused each year by the use of space heaters, resulting in as many as 300 deaths. 

Newer model heaters are designed to reduce these risks of fires.

Buy green. Choose a newer, thermostatically-controlled heater that can detect the right temperature for the room and avoid wasting energy. 

Buy tip-safe. A common feature on newer heaters is a tip-over safety switch. This switch automatically turns the heater off when it's turned over, perhaps by a pet.

Buy the right size. Don't buy a more powerful heater than needed for a given room. Most heaters have a size guide on the box. 

Plug it in directly. Electric space heaters should be plugged directly into a wall outlet. If you have to use an extension cord, use a heavy-duty cord with the shortest length possible and consult the manufacturer's instructions. 

Place it safely. You can reduce the risk of fire and burn injury by placing the heater on a level service away from pets, children, and evn foot traffic. 

So if a space heater is the only way you can keep yourself cozy, either at home or at work, go ahead and buy one. But make sure to buy a new one. That way, you'll keep your family warm, but you'll also keep them safe. And in addition to that, you'll use less energy. 

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