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Study Shows That Hair Dye May Not Cause Cancer

This has long been a lingering concern among many women, since some early studies pointed to a possible link between hair dyes and cancer, but now researchers in Canada and Spain say they hope to put that rumor to rest.

This report comes from JAMA and it says after analyzing 79 studies from around the world, they have found no evidence that the use of permanent hair dyes increases the risk of breast and bladder cancer.

"These studies looked at thousands of women from 1966 to present time and there is no conclusive data that hair dyes are risk factors for those types of cancers," says Dr. David Weng from the Cleveland Clinic.

That's very good news for the estimated one-third of women in North America and Europe and 10 percent of men who dye their hair. The FDA agrees with the findings, but it says since hair dye is a chemical, it will continue to monitor that chemical exposure anyway to make sure it doesn't trigger any other problems.

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