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Supervised Nocturnal Dialysis available for Lubbock patients

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Nocturnal Dialysis has been available for some time, allowing patients with kidney disease to take the treatment into their own home to use at night while they sleep.

But for patients who would prefer treatment under the guidance of nurses and technicians at a dialysis center, there is a new option.

For the first time in West Texas, patients can get that life-saving treatment overnight, sleeping in a bed instead of a chair inside a dialysis center three times a week.

Dr. Prabhakar says, "They sleep the night and they get dialysis much longer than the conventional dialysis. The conventional dialysis is typically three to four hours. But this one is much longer - six to eight. So that is why these people get longer, better clearance and they feel better, because of the better dialysis.”

Dr. Prabhakar says there are even showers at the center, so patients can sleep there at night, then shower and go straight to work or school and carry on normal daytime activities.

Lubbock is only the third city in the state to adopt this new option for dialysis patients.

For more information, call Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and ask for the Department of Medicine or Dr. Sharma Prabhakar at 743-3155.

You can also call Caprock Dialysis Center at 87th and University. That number is (806) 793-1414.

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