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Medical Breakthrough-3D Arteries

This may be the closest thing to the so-called fantastic voyage...remember that movie where scientists shrunk themselves to go inside the intricate plumbing of the human brain to see how to fix a problem? Well, a new angiography system takes surgeons on a 3D journey outside and inside arteries, even the smallest of blood veins and capillaries. Without actually entering the body, it can find, rotate, clip, dissect and actually peer inside the vessel itself, detailing the tiniest of trouble, like an aneurysm.

"Instantaneously we have these 3D images, virtually instantaneously," says Dr. Steve Stevens a radiologist. "We have the image of the aneurysm, the image of the important blood vessels adjacent to the aneurysm. You can make a model, and you can actually practice that before you actually do it," says Dr. Stevens

This new technology not only speeds up the therapy itself, it requires less radiation another benefit to the patient, and not just in the brain. This $2.4 million scanner can seek out blockages in the abdomen, pelvis and legs, as well. There are only four medical centers in the country using the 3D journey right now.

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