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New Website Promises to Alert Lubbock Neighbors

From fires, to sex offenders...if it's happening in your neighborhood, now you can know about it. All you have to do is sign up with a new Internet service called Scan USA.

Scan USA is the first database of its kind. To sign up just go to, click on register, and the rest is self explanatory. It takes only minutes, but in the end you could find it's worth your time.

James Beavers was in the middle of a standoff situation last month after police responded to a kidnapping call next door to his Central Lubbock home. Within minutes of police arriving, they informed Beavers they were going to surround his neighbor's house. "They pulled up and he came straight to my door," said Beavers.

However, the other neighbors had no clue as to what was happening. "I knew, see, but they didn't. And neighbors started calling me saying what did he talk to you about," said Beavers.

Scan USA may have been able to help alert neighbors of the standoff. It's the first national community alert network designed to let you know when something is going on in your neighborhood.

Lubbock Police Department Sgt. Bill Casey said, "it sounds like it's a good deal, it really does. I think it's something everybody needs to look at themselves and see if they would use it or not."

The service is free, and you can choose to receive various types of alerts, such as sex offenders moving into your area, police warnings, or fires in your neighborhood. Sgt. Casey said it's another way for you to be familiar with your neighbors and emergencies in your area.

Beavers agrees Scan USA is definitely an asset. "We need to know when something's fixin' to take place, and changes with these sex addicts moving around, we need to know where they're at," he said.

Currently, the service is available in Texas, California and Nevada. It will become available nationwide later this year.

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