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TAKS Test Impacts Lubbock Seniors

A newly revised state test that all high school students must take and pass to graduate is proving to be challenging for Lubbock students. It's called the TAKS test and results show that 39 Lubbock Independent School District seniors will not graduate because of failing the test.

But it's not all bad news. 97% of LISD seniors passed the test and that's higher than the state average of 91%. The TAKS test, which stands for Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills replaced the TAAS test two years ago.

Graduating seniors were the first to take it and now, we're seeing the impact it has made. Approximately 1,585 LISD seniors passed the test, but 39 failed it.

Superintendent of Secondary Education Dr. Fred Hardin says the test is tougher than the TAAS test. The comprehensive test is made up four parts -- English, math, and two new topics, science and social studies. Students must pass every section to graduate, but Dr. Hardin says not all students have an equal understanding of every subject and says the grading needs to be more lenient.

"If a student isn't a scientist then he may not do as well as someone who might have an interest. (I believe) you should average together the grade, you pass and move on," said Hardin.

Last year, Hardin says 12 seniors didn't pass the TAAS test. As far as changing the way the state grades the test, that's going to have to happen on a state level.

Lubbock-Cooper and Frenship officials say 100% of their seniors passed the TAKS test and will graduate. The 39 who failed it will get another chance in July and as many chances until they pass.

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