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Two Pedestrians Hit By Alleged Intoxicated Driver

One man is in critical condition and one woman is in serious condition after being run down by a man accused of drinking and driving at a Lubbock nightclub.

Just as the club was closing late last night, bouncers at Club Dallas saw Joe Bustamante Junior hit two pedestrians. Bouncers were able to detain the driver, who was arrested when Lubbock police got on scene.

The incident happened around 2:30am. The driver was believed to be intoxicated, something one club manger says hopes would never happen at his bar. "That's their big responsibility to make sure that people aren't leaving our establishment intoxicated and as you can see what happened last night, when there's too much in a system, people get hurt," said Emilio Rocha, Manager of Club Dallas.

The driver, Joe Bustamante Junior was headed West on 34th, when 30-year-old Johnny Michael Guzman and his friend 34-year-old Mary Ann Summersell were hit while crossing the street. Both victims were taken to the hospital where they are struggling to survive.

Manager of Club Dallas, Emilio Rocha says, "We encourage our bartenders to look for the signs of intoxication, so we don't have things like this happen."

Although the driver was not drinking in Club Dallas, Rocha says clubs get a bad wrap when things like this happen, but in this case, it was thanks to Dallas security that the suspect was detained and held until Lubbock Police arrived. "They just took it upon themselves to take care of the guy and the victims and secure the place and make sure the guy didn't run off," said Rocha.

Police say they never expect citizens to take the law into their own hands, but if they can do it safely, it is always appreciated. "There's a couple of nurses that stayed with the victims and kept the guy conscious till Lubbock rescue showed up so everybody helped, it was a great effort on everybody's part," said Rocha.

Joe Bustamante Junior was given a blood test to determine if he had been drinking, and early Friday morning police booked and charged him with two counts of intoxicated assault. If the two pedestrians do not make it out of the hospital, the charges could be increased to intoxication manslaughter.

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