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Seeking Medical Attention for a Hand Injury

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With Red Raider Quarterback Patrick Mahomes undergoing hand surgery Monday, we are reminded how easy it is to break one of the 27 bones in the hand.

Dr. Desirae McKee is a surgeon at UMC's Orthopaedic Hand Center. She has this advice to parents: If your child has a hand injury, it's important to get it checked because she says a broken bone in the hand or wrist is easy to miss in a child. 

She explains "They think it’s a sprain. Then, several days later when they finally get x-rays, they find out it’s broken. And the thing with children is we usually provide same day or next day appointments because if you don't get the kids in right away, they've already started healing because they heal twice as fast as an adult.  So, it needs to be taken care of right away." 

Dr. McKee adds the problem with kids healing so quickly is a bone may heal incorrectly...and that could affect the growth plate.

UMC has just moved its Orthopaedic Hand Center from the TTUHSC Pavilion on 4th Street to the  Medical Office Plaza right next to UMC. With the additional space there, Dr. McKee says they can now x-ray patients in the exam room with a procedure room nearby to take care of small surgeries without going into the hospital. She says they treat all age patients, not just children

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