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Food for Thought: 12/15

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Out of the dozens of Lubbock restaurants inspected inspected this week - four made the Food for Thought list.

Applebee's at 6401 4th had 13 violations. 

  • The end of an employee's cell phone charger was in a container of ranch. 
  • A cell phone charger was on the prep table. 
  • Food handler cards were not available. 
  • Several food items were expired. 
  • There were no test strips to check the temperature of the high-temp dishwasher. 
  • Food containers were not properly air drying. 
  • Food containers had sticker residue on them. 
  • The hand sink was dirty. 
  • There was a fly strip above the service counter. 
  •  The back door was propped open. 
  • Several areas in the kitchen were dirty - including: grease on the floor and dirty handles on the reach in cooler. 
  • The mop was in the mop sink instead of air drying. 
  • There was no hand wash sign in the men's restroom. 

Now to the good news. Here's a look at this week's top performers:

  • Hub City Nutrition at 4525 50th
  • Sugarista (cookie delivery) at 3412 34th
  • Red Dawgs (mobile unit)
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