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Parts Of Terry County Remain Under Water

NewsChannel 11 went to the Brownfield Area to find out how local farmers are affected by the rain.

"That's what's bad about rain like this, it hurts everybody but especially the farmers," explains Tino Navarro. In almost 50 years of living in the area, Tino says he's never seen anything like this. He works for an area farmer and says the rain had no mercy on the cotton that was planted just this past week.

"Look at these rows back here this land was planted Friday and there aren't any beds, nothing left," he says as he points to the damage. Almost three quarters of the 5,000 acres were planted and all of the seeds are now under water. "Now I guess we'll have to start all over again," he says.

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Numerous small ponds like surround the community of Brownfield causing distress to area farmers and additional rain could make the problem even worse. "The clouds are still around and I think we're going to get another round of it tonight," he speculates.

Just West of Brownfield 350 remains closed and two vehicles are trapped under water just down the road. Half a mile away, Tino says he keeps an eye out for drivers willing to take the risk. "They can drive from Brownfield up here to Gomez six miles and that's it. You can either go North or go South. But if you're going to New Mexico don't go down this road," advises Tino.

Though it could be weeks, Tino says they will re-plant cotton unlike other farmers who may be forced to plant other crops.

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