President's Prescription: Remember family health for the holidays

President's Prescription: Healthy gifts for Christmas

Whether you completed most of your holiday shopping in June or plan to do it at the last minute, you may want to consider your family's health when checking your list twice.

There are a number of healthy gifts that may keep your loved ones out of the naughty group this coming year.

Sleep:  Rest brings so many health benefits, including improved memory, creative thinking, immunities and better heart and overall health. Still, so many of us do not get enough quality sleep. When shopping this year, look for pillows, white noise products and other gifts to encourage healthy sleep.

A healthy kitchen: There are ways to make the home chef healthier. Look for cookware that reduces the need for oil. You may also find juicers that make delicious beverages out of entire fruits and vegetables, sparing none of the essential vitamins and antioxidants. Finally, there are a number of natural products to safely clean produce and cooking surfaces to keep the entire family healthy during cold and flu season.

Better immunities:  A great way to show you care is to protect your family from illness. Stuff stockings this year with Vitamin-C products, immunity boosting drinks, hand sanitizing gels and wipes and even gloves. Your family will be glad to have these gifts when the peak of flu season hits.

Finally, when making your resolutions for the coming year, give and receive support from your friends and family. Working together to achieve optimum health will be more rewarding than changing your lifestyle alone and your chance of successfully reaching your goals increases with support from your peers.

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