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Overnight Storm Leaves Mess for Homeowners

By 9 a.m. Tuesday morning all was calm. You'd never have known a destructive hail storm passed through the city overnight leaving homeowners to clean up in it's wake.  Homeowner Stephanie Edwards says, "I've been on adrenaline since 5 a.m., scared to death.  Our first reaction was to get the dog in.  We brought him indoors and then noticed the skylight."

Golf ball sized hail busted the Edwards living room skylight and destroyed their roof. Kyle Forster of Forster Construction says, "A lot of roofs we've seen are gonna have to be totalled. Insurance is gonna be rather busy."  Forster Construction started getting calls around 7 a.m. and the calls never let up.  By morning Tuesday, they'd already repaired 25 skylights and had 50 calls for estimates.

Roofers aren't the only ones busied by the storm. Winds, rain and hail have a way of reminding homeowners to trim their trees.  Sam Foncham says, "One tree at a time.  You can only do so much in a day."

Sam's Tree Trimming and Removal business is booked up for the entire week. It'll take all day just to clean up the four old elm trees in the yard we found him in. Sam offers this advice if you need an expert for your yard: He says, "Make sure they're insured, bonded and experienced.  Not everyone with a chainsaw is a tree trimmer."

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