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On the Road to Recovery: The Mikahel Deleon Story

Seven month-old Mikahel Deleon is a friendly baby who has a charming smile. His mother Patsy says he has quite an appetite and was nicknamed 'Chunky Monkey' by not his family, but his new friends he made at University Medical Center.

Little Mikahel has spent his life fighting a cancer called Neoroblastoma. But before the diagnosis, it was Patsy who noticed Mikahel has some unusual knots all over his body. "He started getting sick around Christmas he had a fever of 106, sweaty that was unusual, real wet."

Little Mikahel was airlifted from Odessa, which is where the Deleon's live, to UMC's Children's Hospital. Dr. Cecalupo did not have very good news for the family. "His tumor arose in his adrenal glands and spread throughout his entire body."

After four cycles of intense chemotherapy and after several trips back and forth from Odessa to Lubbock, the Deleon's had their prayers answered. "At this point he is free of disease he's off therapy. He's responded well and is free of disease," said Dr. Cecalupo.

"When they did the whole week of scanning everything came back negative. I was so happy. I was telling my husband I felt like running outside and shouting," said a happy Patsy.

Now little Mikahel is on the road to recovery and the full head of hair he lost during chemo is finally growing back. Dr. Cecalupo says there is a 20% it could reoccur, but an 80% chance he can live a disease free life.

Patsy and Mikahel's father Johnny Deleon says it was Children's Miracle Network that made this transition less stressful on the family. "We just had to come here and that was it. We didn't have to go to Albuquerque, Dallas, Odessa. Everything was done here. It's a big help for a lot of towns around this area. "

Mikahel Deleon is just one of hundreds of children that will be helped by your donations this weekend. The Children's Miracle Network Broadcast begins Friday right here on NewsChannel 11.

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