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Fish oil recommended for healthy skin

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Americans spend thousands of dollars at the spa improving their skin, but that money could be better spent on following a good skin care program in the first place.

That's the advice from Dr. Roberta Beals, D.O., in Family Medicine at Grace Clinic. She says research is proving that good skin care is the best way to protect our skin as we age.

First, that includes regular moisturizer and sunscreen 365 days a year.

And she says, "I think everybody over the age of 40 needs to take an omega 3 fish oil supplement because not only will it help the skin on your face, but it will help the skin on the inside, the lining of the colon and the arteries in your heart."

So you say you don't like that fishy taste or odor? Dr. Beals says if a fish oil supplement is processed correctly, you should not be able to smell or burp the fish.

Many people say it's uncomfortable swallowing that large fish oil capsule, but, she adds that's easy to fix. She says health food stores carry it in smaller doses.

So, instead of the one big fish oil capsule, you can take two little pills that provide the same dosage.

Specifically, this is what Dr. Beals says she tells her patients, "Nordic Naturals is the best supplement over the counter. OrthoMolecular is also a good choice."

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