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I Beat Pete: 850th Challenge Golf Bowling

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I started Pete’s Sports Challenge in 1995 and it turned into I Beat Pete. I’m super thrilled with a 398-451 lifetime record, this week, it’s my 850th overall challenge.

Having seen a viral video of some guys rolling a bowling ball 492 feet on a golf course and getting a strike, we decided to try out golf bowling out at Meadowbrook Golf Course.

We played three frames at three different holes out there. Taking on the Meadowbrook folks, I had Jimbo Evans on my team. He’s a pro bowler who won the 1993 and 1994 PBA Lubbock Open.

How would we fare with golf bowling, facing the lay of the land and our West Texas weather?

Check out the 850th challenge and if you have a game or sport or event you’d like to spotlight through a challenge, email me at ibeatpete@kcbd.com.

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