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Understanding your drinking limits

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A standard drink is something that contains 14 grams of alcohol. That equates to either 12 ounces of beer, or 5 ounces of wine, or an ounce and a half of liquor. Dr. Trotter, a psychologist at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, says that is how health officials determine the safe drinking limit for men and women.

He says for men that would mean no more than four a day or 14 over the course of a week. For women, he says the safe drinking limit would be no more than three a day or seven over the course of a week.

So, aside from the guideline, how do you know when alcohol is a problem?

Dr.Trotter says doctors use what's called the CAGE questionnaire, which is an acronym that stands for 4 questions. He explains, "Cage is an acronym for do you ever have problems with Cutting down on how much you drink? Do you ever feel Annoyed when people express concern for how much you drink? Do you ever feel guilty about how much you drink or what you do while you're drinking? And do you ever need a drink early in the morning to get going? That’s kind of an eye opener."

Dr. Trotter says if you answer yes to any of those questions you need seek help. And it starts with talking to your doctor about your drinking habits. He also suggests a good resource online: Go to NIAAA.NIH.GOV.

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