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HealthWise at 5 From 6.1

  • Non Diet

A new study shows that obesity isn't all bad for your health as long as you still feel good about yourself. Researchers divided obese women into two groups. One followed the "Health At Any Size" plan, where they could eat what they want and not count calories as long as they pushed away from the table when they felt the signal that they were full. The other group was told to cut back on calories a little. While the non-dieters did not lose weight, after two years they had lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, exercised more and had higher self esteem than the diet group. Researchers say this proves that health habits are more important than weight in determining overall health. The theory? That certain foods make people feel good about themselves and if you feel good about yourself you are more likely to exercise and eat smart overall.

  • CVS Pharmacy

In an effort to ensure drug safety, the nation's largest retail drugstore has changed its policy for buying drugs. CVS says it will only buy pharmaceutical drugs from the manufacturer or from manufacturer-approved wholesalers. Company executives say the change is the only way to protect the integrity and authenticity of the drugs that it dispenses. CVS operates some 5,400 stores nationwide.

  • Secondhand Smoke

There's new proof that exposure to secondhand smoke can start damaging your body in minutes. A new report from the University of California finds the effects of secondhand smoke is 80% as bad to the body as active smoking. Researchers say damage to the blood, blood vessels and the heart can begin just five minutes after exposure to secondhand smoke. They don't know how long the effects last, but they believe now that every time you're exposed some of the damage is permanent. The reason? Secondhand smoke increases blood platelets causing them to stick together and stick to the artery walls causing them to get thicker requiring the body to need more oxygen, which can also change heart rhythm and cholesterol metabolism.

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