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Device Reveals your Nutritional Score


Would you put your hand on a device that could tell you how many fruits and veggies you've eaten in the past two months? The device is called the S-3 Biophotonic Scanner.

It works because after digestion, carotinoids or antioxidants, settle in the palm of your hand. This device reads that number from your palm.

So, a lot of us at NewsChannel 11 lined up to take the test. Boy, were we surprised. Everyone, including me, scored in the weak category, even though we all admitted later that we thought we were eating healthy and would score high.  

The problem for most people, according to Dr. Kathy Chauncey, Professor of Nutrition at Texas Tech, is that it's not enough to eat your favorite fruits and veggies regularly.

Instead, she says research is proving the body needs variety.

She explains, "You get nutrients from a variety of foods and the bigger your variety, the better your nutrition is.

Dr. Chauncey brought a plate full of sliced veggies and fruits to show the many beautiful colors in the produce department at the grocery store.  She points to that and says, "When you look at these foods and all the colors, this has to do with plant chemicals. This is what helps us fight disease. You should have some of those colors in at least one meal every day."

Dr. Chauncey says she was not surprised that all of us were surprised at our "weak" scores.

She says, "Most people think they eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and they’re disappointed because it's not showing that (on the score). But it helps for them to examine their diet.” 

She says the idea is to take that score and improve on it by adding one of these colors in our diet every day… and changing it up every day.

The Family Medicine department at the Texas Tech is using the S-3 Biophotonic Scanner to learn more about foods and what colors in the diet work harder at fighting different diseases, like cancer.

Dr. Chauncey says she is a cancer survivor herself.  So, she has taken what she has learned by her score on the device and added more variety in food colors to bump up her number to a higher nutritional level.

If you'd like to take the test and learn more about your nutritional score... contact the Family Medicine Department at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

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