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Lubbock Mother Closes a Chapter In Her Daughter's Six-Year-Old Murder Case

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A Lubbock mother finally closes a chapter of her daughter's murder case six years after the tragedy. Tony Medford was arrested and charged Tuesday, May 31 in Arkansas for the murder of Amanda Gschwend, who was found dead in a cotton field in East Lubbock in July 1999.

Amanda's mother, Tina White, discovered the news Tuesday afternoon, she then went from tears of joy to a deeper realization. She says never knowing who killed her daughter kept her from completely accepting the tragedy. After the discovery, she let out emotions she's held inside.

For six years photo albums have been the only tangible way for White to touch her daughter, whose killer had remained unknown until Tuesday afternoon. That's when White received a call that Medford had been arrested and charged with Gschwend's murder.

White said, "I just started crying and said 'Thank you, thank you.' But after a little bit I realized Amanda's not coming home. My baby's not coming home, and that's I think what's made me be able to survive all this time. I always waited for her to come up that sidewalk, and Tuesday I realized that was her I did bury."

The District Attorney's Office said Medford has been a suspect since the murder, but they've only been able to collect enough evidence in the past three weeks.

White suspected Medford all along. She promised her daughter she would find her killer, but now says the case is still far from over. "The worst thing they can give him he needs it, he needs pain because he doesn't care," said White. "If he cared he wouldn't have been able to go right on along for six years."

White also said she won't rest until the man who took her daughter's life is in jail. "I would give anything, I would give an arm and a leg, it doesn't matter," said White. "I would give... just to have five minutes with her, so I could tell her I love her and make sure she knows."

White said she will be present at any trial that takes place.

Currently, Medford is still in an Arkansas jail. He could be extradited back to Lubbock within ten days.

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