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Contact Lubbock working to prevent teen suicide

Sharron Davis, Contact Lubbock (Source: KCBD Video) Sharron Davis, Contact Lubbock (Source: KCBD Video)

In the two years that there has been a National Text-line to help anyone who is suicidal, more than 2 million people have made that text in a crisis. The number to text is 741741.

Here at home, Contact Lubbock is taking the message of suicide prevention into our high schools and middle schools with a 40-minute presentation called "Choices".

Sharron Davis, Executive Director of Contact Lubbock, says, "We teach kids how to save a life. We teach them how to recognize the signals of suicide and what to do if they do recognize those signals. and we also reassure them that it's okay not to be okay, but if you're not okay, talk to someone because by talking to someone, it can change everything."

The biggest problem, she says, is that you have to be invited to speak at the schools. But some schools are not receptive to the idea of discussing suicide. Sharron says suicide is a heavy subject for adults, but not for kids.

She explains, "A lot of people think if you talk about suicide, you're going to encourage suicide and that's not true. Talking about suicide actually does save lives."

Although Contact Lubbock could reach a lot more kids by making a big presentation in the school auditorium, Sharron says they have learned their discussion is much more effective in smaller groups. So, "Choices" is always offered in a class by class situation. Sharon says every time she speaks at a school, several students come forward after class to share personal concerns about themselves, or a friend.

She says, "In every school that we go to, we've confirmed that it makes a huge difference. In a class of 20 to 25 kids, you're gonna have two to three students who ask for help that day."

The Local Crisis Line for Contact Lubbock is  (806) 765-8393.

Again, the National Textline for help in preventing a suicide is 741741.

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