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2005 CMN Miracle Child

Meet Miracle Baby Brycen

All this week NewsChannel 11 is bringing you the stories of the children and their families that have been helped with money raised by the Children's Miracle Network Broadcast. Jennifer Vogel tells us Brycen Whorton's story.

"We did a whole lot of crying, and I reassured her that God's gonna do what he's gonna do. It's not up to us." Angela Whorton was 19 weeks pregnant when she and her husband Stacy had to make the a decision that would change the rest of their lives. Would they keep the baby that doctor's said would not survive? Angela said, "I found out Friday and I had to tell them Monday our answer and we were like 'no.' This is God's baby, if he wants it he will let nature take it's course."

During pre-natal care, Angela received a routine blood test. The test came back positive for Spina Bifida. Angela was immediately consulted by Doctor Art Evans. "The families need to know that you are being up front and honest with them and that you are in this with them and you're gonna help them deal with this over the rest of the pregnancy."

Dr. Evans told the couple that the chances of the baby making it through the pregnancy were very slim, the chances of the baby surviving more than three to six months was nearly impossible. "It's a complicated disorder that effects the most delicate system which is the central nervous system."

Angela was devastated. "Once we started realizing what we were dealing with we were really scared, very scared." But reality cannot compete with miracles.

"Stacy was peaking and his face let me know that things weren't right. But as soon as I saw him, they let me see his back I knew things were going to be okay and it was the biggest rush, started crying knew it would be all right."

After birth, Brycen was rushed to UMC's NICU to close the hole in his spinal column. Six days later Brycen came home, a feat his doctor's say was a miracle beyond medicine. "It's amazing, more like an emotional roller coaster, we're just so lucky to have him. He's 8-months-old and definitely makes you smile everyday."

Brycen still sees doctors and physical therapists everyday to help with the paralysis in his legs, but thanks to the technology used during pregnant, Brycen's parents were ready to face whatever challenges lay before them. "The machines are amazing. Had tags CMN been donated, a lot of money does stay here and did go to the NICU and I don't think without that NICU he would've done as good as he did."

Dr. Evans says, "It gave them very direct access to the most sophisticated diagnosis and management decision they could get. Some of the equipment used in ultra sounds some images/ manipulating images from us were purchased through CMN."

And it's the idea of the infinite growth of technology that gives the Whorton family hope that someday, they'll see their miracle baby Brycen take his first steps. "We pray a lot that things will go his way and he'll be able to walk and live a normal life like everybody else."

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