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Food for Thought Report 6.2

Our first top performer at 1401 University doesn't just serve hot coffee. They're gearing up for summer at the Coffee Haus with "eskimochas," they'll ice any coffee or latte, and you'll know it's all done in a clean healthy environment.  Assistant Manager, Brian Walker, says,  "We take a lot of pride in keeping the place clean and want people to keep coming back."

Food for Thought 6.2
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 6/2/05.

A place for studying or just relaxing, the Coffee Haus is kind of a "Friends" meets "Cheers" sort of atmoshphere. Walker says, "We wanna know your name and greet you and shake your hand and know what it is you want to order before you come in."

Good news for those of you in Southwest Lubbock, the top performing Coffee Haus is opening a new location near Frankford and 82nd at the end of the month.

Bonus Burgers at 2312 50th is a friendly burger joint and a repeat top performer, because there's no messing around when it comes to cleanliness. Employee Kelee Franklin says, "Everyone here has a set of duties and we have to do them twice a day and if you don't do them you don't have a job."

You'll never catch Bonus Burgers' employees sitting down.  They know the health checklist by heart and they say it's easy to stay a top performer. Franklin explains, "It's not hard, my question would be how do you not be one?"

Our one low performer is working on it! The Sonic at 1901 34th Street had four critical violations.

  • Grated cheese on ice was found at 56 degrees. Cold foods must be held at 45 degrees or cooler.
  • An onion in a bag was spoiled.
  • Employees were not properly using gloves and hand sanitizer before handling food with their bare hands.
  • A toxic product was not properly labeled.

All four violations were corrected on site. A manager declined to comment.

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