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County Residents Want Answers About a Muddy Situation

Three hundred Lubbock county residents are petitioning county commissioners in an effort to dry up muddy roads. One problem area is the Woodrow community, where the dirt roads get so muddy, people say they can't get to work.

On Friday County commissioners were wrapping up budget meetings, and county roads were definitely one topic of discussion. Too many roads and not enough money to fix them. The proof of residents' frustration is in the 300 signatures for their petition.

"Something needs to be done. I don't know what needs to be done to get their attention." W.L. Matheny is trying to get the attention of his county commissioner to keep roads above water, and out of the mud. "We're in trouble, on Indiana it's a flood where you can't get across and these people have a hard time going to work, it falls on the commissioners shoulders it needs to be taken care of."

Even days after the rains, county roads are still flooded. 300 people on a petition are tired of seeing the damage. According to the letter sent to Commissioner Bill McCay, residents say, "The people who signed this petition feel like we are not getting our tax money for our road to be maintained."

McCay told us, "I hear the tax concerns, but actually the money doesn't come from property taxes it comes from $10 registration fee." The Commissioner says that registration fee only generates $500,000 year, barely enough to maintain the 200 plus miles of road in his precinct, much less pave them all.. ''We don't pave, we maintain the best we can."

McCay also added, "Safety and security, that's the reason we're here, if people can't get to work or an ambulance can't get through, we're not doing our job, but we are doing the best we can, but budgets are tight."

Commissioners will continue to work on budget crunching and county roads. A traffic engineer has already been to the area, but part of the problem is poor planning years ago when the roads were original mapped out near playa lakes. We'll continue to follow road improvements and keep you updated of any new developments.

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