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Healthy Lubbock Promotes Exercise, Nutrition To Fight Obesity In Lubbock

Obesity is a growing health crisis, nationwide, and Lubbock is not immune. Over the last twenty years portion sizes have gotten larger which equates to more calories. Add that to a diet with no excercise, and you've got an equation for health problems. That's where Healthy Lubbock comes in. It's an iniative to educate Lubbock families on how to make healthy behavorial choices.

If you're not exercising and not eating right, chances are your waistline and health are paying for it. That's the message Healthy Lubbock is trying to get across to the community.

"We're trying to encourage people to get out get moving and have fun at the same time." said Healthy Lubbock Coordinator Liz Inskip-Paulk.

Saturday Healhty Lubbock sponsored the second annual Healthy Lubbock Day at Maxey Park. Coordinator Liz Inskip-Paulk says there are simple activities to fight a difficult problem.

"America has a huge problem with childhood obesity. Right now, so many people are overweight and obese, that it's just frightening. It's going to cause many future problems in their health unless we do something about it right now." said Inskip-Paulk.

That's why the program aims to teach children and parents about exercise and nutrition.

"It's also important to make sure that you eat healthy as well. Portion size and lots of fruits and vegetables as well as moving." said Inskip-Paulk.

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Since the iniative was started in 2003 by the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, more than 30 different agencies, businesses and organizations have joined in the plan to make Lubbock the healhiest city in Texas. This year their campaign is growing with more activities for your family to get involved in.

"We have a kids triathlon August 13. It's the first one where kids can swim, bike, run." said Inskip-Paulk.

But, as kids demonstrated Saturday, you don't have to be part of a race to be active, "just go outside, move your body, that's what it was made to do!"

Healthy Lubbock also has a website that provides nutrition guidelines, a calendar of activities and contacts for Lubbock youth sports organizations. For a link to that information, just click here.

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