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Big changes, expanded services coming to Covenant Children's

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There are big changes coming for a local hospital, formerly known as Covenant Women's and Children's.

Their new name is Covenant Children's, the only freestanding children's hospital in the region.

But the name change isn't the only difference patients will see in the coming months.

"What it means for us is the ability to expand beds and...the ability for us to expand children's services. That means pediatric services, but it also means women's O/B services, and so we will continue to keep those O/B services here, and expand those so that we'll be able to keep them near to the NICU," says Covenant Children's CEO, Amy Thompson.

Thompson says the remodel and expansion was years in the making.

"One of the things that was most heartbreaking for me was when we had to send kids out of our region, for services we weren't able to provide for them here in our city," Thompson says.

Mayor Dan Pope agrees that the recent growth in the Hub City increases the need for advanced medical care.

"It's another piece of the growth factor in Lubbock. It's a very positive step forward for us," Pope says.

Thompson says today's unveiling of a new name marks the beginning of a five-year plan, with pediatric sub-specialties as the focus.

"We've had to send kids away, even for things like rehab services, and send kids away when we don't have things like pediatric nephrology. But probably even one of the things specifically that's most dear to my heart, is in the whole region, we have been unable to have in-patient pediatric psychiatry services. That's one of the things I know that's a big need for kids in this region," Thompson says.

She says it's crucial that kids be near their families as they are treated.

"Our goal is for every child in the city of Lubbock and in the region, to be taken care of as close to home as possible. And so what we want it to mean is that over the upcoming years, that we can be able to provide the quality of care for children in the city of Lubbock for those children, so that we don't have to transfer those kids out of this region. That's really our goal."

A sentiment Mayor Dan Pope echoes.

"When you have a child that needs medical care, it's best that that happen close to your support system, close to family, close to friends. it allows families to stay together, and we know that that even helps healing, so that's good. That's good for Lubbock and it's good for west Texas," Pope says.

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