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Christina Salaz Pays It Forward: 1/25

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Pay It Forward started off along Avenue Q north of 50th Street this week.  It didn't take long for our playmaker to show up.

Christina spotted our sign first and decided to help out her co-worker Brandi Diaz.

Christina told us that Brandi is a mother of five who is always working hard trying to keep things going for her and her family.

Christina said, "I think she is deserving of it."

We were able to locate Brandi at work.  With the approval of her manager, we were able to trick Brandi into meeting us in the parking lot.

Brandi works at a restaurant and her first thought was that it was "Food For Thought," but we told her it was "Pay It Forward" and Christina counted out $300 for Brandi.

Brandi tearfully accepted the money.

She told us that her gas bill was over $260 and this is where she needs the money the most.   

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon.  You may become our next playmaker.

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