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CDC: Texas' flu activity now widespread

Texas' Flu activity for Week of January 14 Texas' Flu activity for Week of January 14

The US centers for disease control issues weekly influenza surveillance reports.  

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control tracks flu cases across the country, now Texas is listed as having "widespread" flu.

The brown shade on the Lone Star state indicates "widespread" for the week of January 14th. Earlier this month, Texas flu cases were classified a level below that, as "regional."

Parents, students and staff know schools can be a hot spot for student interaction and therefore contamination if a sick kiddo is in the mix. Paulette Rozneck, LISD coordinator for Student Health Services advises parents encourage their children to wash their hands vigorously and drink a lot of fluids. 

She says, "If the child has body aches and a fever they need to stay home. General body aches are okay but the fever means they need to stay home."
According to Rozneck, LISD typically sees the most cases of students out of school with the flu in December and January.

Now, after this season's slower start to the "widespread" category of influenza in Texas means you have a bit of extra time to get a shot or think about getting your children the flu immunization, so they're even more protected from the germs at school. 

And parents worried about your kiddos, you'll be happy to know LISD does call out the company *germ blast, which treats the schools for those germs so students can stay healthy.  More info on that, here. 

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