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Citizens sound off about proposed Lubbock noise ordinance

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There was a full house at Lubbock City Council Thursday night as citizens gathered to express their concerns about a proposed city noise ordinance.

Councilwoman Shelia Patterson-Harris ended up tabling the item and delaying the formal first reading until Feb. 23, but Mayor Dan Pope allowed citizen comments to continue.

The delay reduced tensions a bit, but 11 people spoke against the proposal, with two speaking in favor.

Many of those opposed to the ordinance amendment are business owners, stretching from Broadway and University, to the Depot District and all the way out to the LoneStar Amphitheater on east 19th Street, who say they're concerned about the decibel limit proposal and how realistic it is for their business.

"I don't think a lot of people understand that 70, 80, 85's not that loud. The conversation in this room, before you started, was 82 decibels. When everyone claps in this room, it reaches 90," one owner said.

Another point of contention was business ownership versus home ownership.

"If you move in next to an amphitheater, or a bar, are you entitled to shut that business down that has been there for years?"

One owner spoke out about a concern he feels is greater than noise control in the Depot District.

"When are we going to start closing down streets like Austin does, on busy nights, when are we going to start having a constant police presence, on busy nights...can we get an arrow on Buddy Holly to get on 19th Street?"

Those in favor of the ordinance say it has to do with more than dollars and cents.

"But then we need to think about the young people that are sitting there listening to this music...or listening to this loud noise, this is very damaging."

Councilwoman Shelia Patterson-Harris says she hopes that by tabling the ordinance reading until Feb. 23, this will allow both sides to come together to meet on middle ground.

"I'd like to sit down and talk with you so we can hear each other....maybe have some of those folks who have made complaints on some other issues as well, let us all sit down and take a look at it. Can't guarantee everything, but it doesn't hurt to sit down and have a chit-chat..."

We did look into noise complaints across the city of Lubbock for the last three years and according to the Lubbock police department, there were a total of 13,556 calls reported through dispatch.

According to the data, most calls came from a particular area, which lies between Indiana and Avenue Q and 34th Street all the way to the northern part of city limits. 3,232 calls were reported in that area, which includes Tech Terrace, and a portion of Broadway Avenue, across from Texas Tech University.

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