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LPD hopes to ease concern about 'No Bans No Walls' protest

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The Lubbock Police Department is preparing to attend Tuesday's "No Bans No Walls" protest, leaving some participants to wonder what that might mean for them.

Organizers of the event say some participants are worried police presence may mean arrests and potential deportation following President Trump's executive order this weekend.

So, we sat down with officials to learn more about what actions officers are and are not allowed to legally take.

According to 2.05.006 of the Lubbock Police Department's general manual, officers may arrest "'illegal aliens' on any charge for which they would normally arrest any other suspect." However, it also goes on to state an officer may not detain, or arrest only because they suspect someone may be an undocumented resident. Officials with LPD say they were contacted by organizers of the event in hopes of keeping people safe.They also tell us there are a couple of goals regarding the protest.

"We also want to make sure that the protestors are not getting in the middle of the road, that they're not impeding traffic. And that's really for the protestors safety, as well as the driver's safety. And another reason that we'll also have officers in the area is to make sure that, you know, if there are counter-protestors, that this stays peaceful," says Tiffany Pelt, the Public Information Officers with the Lubbock Police Department. 

Another executive order issued last week by President Trump was the revival of a program that deputizes local officers to enforce federal immigration law, but the Lubbock Police Department says following that order, there are no changes here at home at this time.

"If directed to, then that's definitely something we would look into implementing. But at this point, if there are changes that would be something that we would notify the public on," says Pelt. 

Because the protest is in the evening, officials are asking participants to wear bright colors so they can be seen by drivers.

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