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How To Handle Roof Hail Damage

For some, storm damage is not obvious unless you climb the ladder to your roof.

At first glance, this home in Southwest Lubbock appears to be unharmed by recent hail storms but if you take a closer look the damage is severe. "As soon as I climb up the ladder it's just blatantly obvious that they've got hail damage," explains Jim Hardin Owner of Roof Master. He says if your home was recently pelted by hail more than likely there will be dents, but to assess the extent of the damage you should call an expert.

"Some of the dents can be real light for instance that is a hail hit, insurance still pays on that," he points out. Typically, your insurance requires at least 30 hits in a ten by ten area for a claim.

"I could probably circle about 30 hits in a 10 by 10 area so they're going to get a new roof," says Jim. Keep in mind, some of the dents may be hard to detect. The dent may be a light spot but Jim says over time, sun and other elements will quickly deteriorate the shingles and could cause leaks. But more than half of the roofs he's checked don't have enough damage to be replaced. "A lot of the roofs I got up there and really had to search to find just two or three marks," he says.

This roof will cost about $4,000 to replace now but Jim says it would cost more to wait because the problems could get worse. He suggests checking with the Better Business Bureau before hiring a roofer and never give money up front.

NewsChannel 11 also spoke with an insurance agent who says it may be a good idea to wait until hail season is over to file your claim. That should be sometime in mid-Summer.

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