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Northwest Lubbock Housing Development Becomes First Sex Offender Free Zone

A new Lubbock subdivision is joining the fight against sex offenders. Milwaukee Ridge will be the first housing development in Lubbock to be entirely sex offender free.

Milwaukee Ridge falls under the zip code 79407. According to the Lubbock Police Department's website, almost 20 registered sex offenders currently living in that area. Residents say it's about time someone implemented a "sex offender free" zone.

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The open field, advertisements, and construction equipment in northwest Lubbock is the beginning of Milwaukee Ridge. It's a new 213 acre housing development, where sex offenders will not be allowed.

Northwest Lubbock resident and father of four, Mark Key lives across the street from the new development. He said it gives him peace of mind. "It's good," said Key. "I think every neighborhood around here should be sex offender free. All the stuff that's happened, those people should never be out of jail."

Century 21 Realtor, Nathan Jordan said the idea will be a major selling point for potential buyers. "Just to make everybody feel safe and know that their family's protected and they're living in a good spot in Lubbock."

Milwaukee Ridge will soon be covered with over 600 brand new homes, all sex offender free. However, one of the major questions is how is it legal.

Lubbock Community Development Director, Nancy Haney said, "There's seven ways a person can be protected under the fair housing act and sex offender is not one. So it's not illegal from that standpoint."

Potential homeowners, including juveniles who will live in the home, will undergo extensive background checks. The investment company legally reserves the right to buy back the home if it discovers a sex offender is living there.

Key says that's just the selling point which would convince him to move in. "Oh yes," said Key, "If we ended up living in a neighborhood, going and buying something a little more rural, yeah definitely."

Milwaukee Ridge is located in Northwest Lubbock at the corner of 34th and Milwaukee. Future homeowners will also be required to participate in a home builders association, which will help ensure sex offenders don't move in later years.

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