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Kathy Campbell Pays It Forward: 2/1

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This week's Pay It Forward segment will warm your heart.  We set up with our Pay It Forward sign seeking this week's playmaker.

Kathy Campbell and her family spotted our sign in less than a minute.

We asked Kathy who she wanted to help out.

Kathy and her family all agreed that they wanted to help out the folks at Lubbock Meals on Wheels.

Kathy has been a volunteer for Meals on Wheels and she knew that $300 would help many people who could use it right now.

Kathy told us, "it's somebody who will check in on elderly people every day."

We drove to the Lubbock Meals on Wheels office on 34th Street.

When we walked in, we were met by Meals on Wheels Executive Director Lisa Gilliland.

Lisa gladly accepted $300 and told us that the money would feed many people in the Lubbock area.

Lisa told us that the money will really come in handy, especially during the winter months.

Lisa said, "People can't get out and get their own meals, so we need all the help we can get from the community to feed everyone here who needs it."

Lisa told Kathy it was an honor to be chosen as this week's recipient of Pay It Forward.

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