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Lubbock man displays sign at protest similar to one he hung on Citizens Tower

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It is a public display in Lubbock that grabbed the attention of the nation last year, with a message up for interpretation.

It all started during the West Texas Congressional Race last year, when Kyle Holub, who was 22 at the time, disagreed with a discussed idea.

"Build the wall and keep immigrants out and all that," Holub said, "and that was kind of here locally. I was like, I feel like I should say something back."

That is because Holub's viewpoints about nationality and religion changed in the past few years, after he made a Moroccan friend.

"Some people saw him as a Muslim, or they had that in their mind that it was a slight threat," Holub said, "so I kind of got over that and I was like, ‘Hey other people have this too, so maybe I should highlight that.'"

So Holub went to a local hardware store.

"It was two drop cloths glued together," he said.

With the help of a friend, he painted an Arabic message on that cloth that was larger than 10 by 17 feet.

"You put a heart behind it, it changes the whole meaning and makes it into something beautiful," he said, "rather than something scary."

The Arabic words meant "Love for all", so Holub broke into the Citizens Tower the day after Valentine's Day to hang it with ropes and cinder blocks.

"I wanted people to see it, and I wanted people to react," he said.

That did not take long. Former Mayor Glen Robertson called for the flag to be removed immediately and investigated.

Just two days later, Holub was arrested for criminal trespass.

"I was in jail for about 12 hours," he said.

Holub had to pay about $2,000 for this crime, and paid for it through sales of t-shirts printed with his painting.

"I hoped it would become relevant again, you know," he said.

Little did Holub know it would, almost a year later Tuesday night…when Trump's travel ban would unite protesters in Lubbock who wanted to share Holub's same message.

"I had that miniature version hanging on my wall for the past year," Holub said, "so I figured I would bring that and people would have signs at the protest. I think a lot of people there were on the same page with their signs and their opinions."

That means Holub learned a legal way to stand for a cause he believes in.

"It was nice to be able to say that loudly in a group," he said, "and let each other know that we care and let other people know that we care."

After Holub's arrest, Citizens Tower became more secured and is currently gated off and boarded up so no one can follow in Holub's footsteps.

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